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What is Voice Search?

What is Voice Search?

Google voice search or search by voice is a product that allows individuals to use Google search by speaking on a computer or phone. This allows said device to search for data when entering information on what to search into the device by simply speaking. Users can choose up to five languages to perform this convenient feature. This is especially useful for those looking to improve their ranking on search engine pages with keywords that are relevant to their business.

How Voice Search Started

This was originally a tool from Google Labs that allows someone to make a Google query with their phone. The user would call a specific number and then wait for the words say your search keywords to be said then they said their query. They would wait to click on a link or for the page to update with their results. Since then, speech recognition technology has changed, and users can just speak directly into a computer or their phone without having to call a number. This is especially great when a company is looking to rank for certain keywords or keyword phrases. If someone asks for the best (insert type) restaurant in a city, that company would rank in those search listings with the proper search engine optimization.

How Voice Search Improves Your SEO Ranking

With the help of XL Digital Marketing, you can improve your SEO ranking with ease. With the help of their SEO strategies and an individual plan, we can look at your existing SEO optimization and optimize it for the best results. This will help you with features such as Voice search that focuses on specific words to be highlighted on search results pages. We offer a la carte SEO services where we gather your requirements and research data in order to create the best possible analytics solution for your business.

Our search engine algorithms help our customers to always achieve page one results. Talk about winning! We offer copywriting, header and tag optimization, meta data optimization and even URL rewrites. To learn more about Voice Search and what it can do for your business, call us today at (323) 607-8480.

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