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National SEO and eCommerce SEO campaign services

A common misconception is a young or privately owned business simply cannot win meaningful organic search engine rankings on “generic” national search keywords competing with long-established national brands. Some marketers assume because of their household name that invariably results in many inbound backlinks it is impossible to compete. Such web marketers would be mistaken. Often these national brands are ranked not on competitive national keywords not because they are necessarily smarter about their overall SEO techniques.

Our process is to first identify with laser precision your most valuable national search keywords, in various semantic groupings, and match them with the content on your site which best supports user search intent. We also identify any gaps where popular organic search keywords are underrepresented with relevant content on your site and propose additional content, which we can create (to client approval) if desired.

Part of our research for writing on-page meta coding for the essential pages of your site is analyzing why your competitors are ranking for your important competitive search keywords. Significant findings inform how our SEO technicians target various pages on your site for specific search phrases, as well as making additional recommendations for possible future enhancements you may want to consider for your website. Often the things your competitors are doing better are entirely predictable, yet sometimes other more creative SEO techniques should we find them, we will ensure you understand fully should you want to incorporate them in your web strategy. No “front-end” viewable content is ever altered on your website without your awareness and consent.

As part of our process of writing the ‘behind the scenes” meta-coding for your site, we perform an in-depth analysis of Technical SEO factors. We look for any issues that might hamper a competitive national SEO service campaign. In practice, the search engine algorithms are somewhat forgiving on innocent technical errors which do not affect usability or their ability to index the website.

They are forgiving because they know sometimes technically poorly built sites, have high-quality content. Search engines want to deliver quality content to users, even if a given website is not technically perfect under-the-hood. More extreme technical errors may need to be addressed, though we seldom see such mistakes in sites built with widely adopted web development platforms.