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How Google Mobile First Indexing Helps Your SEO Ranking

How Google Mobile First Indexing Helps Your SEO Ranking

Ultimately, Google Mobile First Indexing means that instead of their old method of using a desktop version of a page’s content, which would be difficult for mobile searchers. Google now will be using the mobile version for indexing and ranking to help primarily mobile users to find what they’re looking for more effectively. This will increase the crawl rate from Smartphone Googlebots to find mobile versions in both search results and in Google cached pages.

Benefits of Google Mobile First Indexing Changes

With these new changes, users will get updated website information including the latest SEO optimization that you’ve done on your website. Ultimately, mobile-first indexing isn’t just about how information is gathered, but how it is ranked. This is why it is so important to understand and to manipulate for your business. Webmasters are encouraged to make their content more mobile-friendly. This allows you to perform better in mobile search results overall. Mobile-friendly content is also fast-loading, which is helpful for those that search both on their desktop and mobile device.

How to Improve Content for Mobile Users with XL Digital Marketing

XL Digital Marketing has years of experience creating mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized content for a variety of clients. With ever-changing Google indexing, it’s important to stay atop these updates and changing content accordingly to be atop mobile search results. We understand that most users primarily search on their phones, so creating strategic SEO content is important for the most views.

With our SEO service, we update your content monthly in order to stay with the trends of SEO ranking such as with features such as Google Mobile First Indexing. We can tweak things along the way to ensure that you always stay atop the result pages for the keywords and keyword phrases you’re targeting the most. To learn more about our SEO optimization services and how we can get you on page one as soon as possible, call us today at (323) 607-8480.

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